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Real smiles. Appreciating the genuine you. Sending love your way.  

愛 love you, pronounced “Ai Love you,” uses Japan’s word for love,  愛 (ai). As humans, we spend a lot of our time in our heads. Our mind can make us feel the happiest, but it can also bring us self-doubt and negative energy. The replenishing of the mind is needed, and this is where the human discovers self love and care. Taking time throughout the day to think for a bit, reminding ourselves how amazing we are, appreciating our imperfections, successes, and failures. This is where your journey begins. A seed of love is planted within, and from here is where you will see the seed grow into its beautiful, full potential. This seed we are speaking of, that is your true self. And the growing we see is the journey of finding your true self in this thing called life.

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